How to Access the API

The API uses Basic Authentication over SSL. The first step is to obtain an API Login (username and password) and an API Key. Note that API logins are not the same ones used for the main Katar web site. This is a separate login that only allows access to the API. API logins are not persisted, so all calls to the API must include the user name, password and API key in the HTTP request header. To see an example request header refer to the Example Code page.

Example Code


  • How are my API points used?
  • Each row of data returned from an API call costs 1 point against your monthly allotment. At the start of each month your total points allowed is reset.
  • Do I have access to keyword-level reporting?
  • Only the SEM Insight keyword-level data. Industry Insight does not expose keyword-level data via the API.
  • How do I get access to the API?
  • To obtain access to AdGooroo's industry-leading data via our API contact your Customer Success Representative to arrange API access.
  • What time frames are available for API data?
  • SEM Insight data is available at the daily, weekly and monthly levels. Industry Insight data is only available at the monthly level.
  • Can I make changes to my account via the API?
  • No. At this time the API is only for retrieving SEM Insight and Industry Insight data.
  • What is the schema for the AdGooroo AdJSON field?
  • Please contact your Customer Success representative for more details.