How to Access the API

The API is a read-only RESTful service, so it only responds to HTTP GET requests. POST, PUT and DELETE are not recognized verbs. Also, all calls to the API require HTTPS (SSL). The request header requires an API user name, password and API key. The header can also specify a format for the returned data of either JSON or XML (defaults to JSON). When calling a Data Service, data filters are supplied in the URL. The example code demonstrates the structure of the header as well as the format for data filters.

About Data Services

Data Services provide access to Kantar’s industry-leading data. Each service returns a Data Table that developers can use for their custom reports. The Data Services Documentation includes the fields returned and required and optional data filters for each Data Service.

About Data Filters

Data Filters are used to more clearly define the data to return from Data Services. This can include limiting the number of rows returned to setting set start and end dates, search engines, regions, Competitor Sets, Keyword Groups and so on. Data Filters are defined in the URL of the HTTP request. A glossary of Data Filters is available with the Data Services documentation, and the example code demonstrates adding data filters to request URLs.

About Informational Calls

Informational calls allow developers to discover information about Data Accounts and the IDs of many filtering components. For example, they can be used to discover Keyword Group IDs, Competitor Set IDs, and Campaign IDs. Informational calls are useful when configuring Data Filters, and making informational calls does not impact the Data Account’s monthly quota. They do, however, require a valid user name, password and API key.